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April 8, 2018: Origins Is In Two Months???

We're about two months out from the Origins Game Fair . . . which means that it's too late to panic, right? Fortunately, Guy and the crew have already been investing a lot of energy into Origins prep, which is making things significantly easier for those of us who are tasked to "show up and work" while the "make the carnival run smoothly" team takes the brunt of the hard labor.

What fun do we have in store for you at Origins this year? Steve Jackson Games has a large crew to staff our room of events, where we'll be running everything from The Fantasy Trip demos to Munchkin Collectible Card Game regionals. We'll post the full schedule of events before the show starts, but right now, the most important thing for you to do is secure your room and preorder your badge, so you can join us at Origins to play games!

And if you're lucky, one of those games may well be Ogre against the game's designer, Steve Jackson, who will be at the show slaving away in the demo and interview mines. (Hey, we have to let him out of the "make some awesome games, Steve" mines now and then, right?)

Can't make it to Origins but want to know where Steve's going to be after that? Check Steve's Appearances page for a list of all of his scheduled events.

-- Phil Reed

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