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April 18, 2018: Steve Unboxes Triplanetary

The latest tooling sample of Triplanetary arrived, now with a new-and-improved dry-erase board! So we recorded a new unboxing, showing not only the slick new board, but the vibrant tokens and the generally massive size of the game. Check it out:

Since this is a tooling sample, it's not final, but represents what the final product should look like. As you can tell, the board is huge, just big enough to fit part of our solar system. The large hexes mean that you won't have to muddle your lines as much, and give each space a lot of area to show off the slick, retro counters. We've cleaned up the design a bit to make them easier to read, while keeping the classic look of the game intact. 

Backers will see these later this year. If you missed out, there should be a limited amount of these hitting retail shelves and Warehouse 23 after it delivers to backers, so keep an eye on the stars! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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