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April 7, 2012: Shadowrun On Kickstarter, And I'm Supporting

Shadowrun is returning, as a digital game, and the project is on Kickstarter. The really fantastic thing here is that Jordan Weisman, who created the Shadowrun world so many years ago, has regained the rights and is back at the helm.

But it's almost as great simply to see Shadowrun revived. A lot of you young whippersnappers in your 30s and 40s may just remember it as a great world that was around when you were getting into the hobby. You have no idea how off-the-walls ballsy it was, back in 1989, for a major release to mash up fantasy races and a cyberpunk world. Completely outrageous. And it worked, and it had a great run, and it went away, and now it's back. (Insert "cycles" joke for those already into Shadowrun. The rest of you, ignore that line.)

At any rate, I just supported at the $1,000 level, which means that in some back alley of the digital Seattle, you may meet an Evil Stevie character. You don't have to give that much, but if you ever enjoyed Shadowrun, you should go support it. And if you never heard of Shadowrun, do yourself a favor and check it out. It manages to give classic cyberpunk a really weird twist and still get the "feel" of the genre absolutely right. And now the creator has control of the game again, and that's worth supporting too.

-- Steve Jackson


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