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April 27, 2012: Ogre Kickstarter Update: Retailer Support!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported Ogre on Kickstarter. It's broken 2,100 supporters and most of the special rewards are sold out (which means we might have to figure out how to add some more). And we have, at last, been able to announce support levels at which we will ship games to Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Five custom counter sheets have been sponsored, and we even have a supporter for the super-powered custom-counter-sheet-that-you-get-to-sell-yourself level, too. In fact, we have the same supporter twice! Thank you, BoardGameGeek! Everyone look out for the blue-and-orange Ogre named Ernie . . .

We want to make sure the game's unexpected Kickstarter popularity is good for retailers. (After all, we're not idiots. The hobby needs the retail stores, and every sale by a retailer is a sale for us.) A lot of you folks will decide, sometime around the evening of May 12, that you really wanted Ogre after all, and it'll be too late to get one by supporting. But you have a friendly local game store, right?

A few days after we started, after reading the Kickstarter comments, we added a support level designed specifically for retailers. I quote:

"For brick-and-mortar retailers ONLY! For $300, you will receive four copies of the Kickstarter edition of Ogre, one T-shirt, and one extra Kickstarter counter sheet so you can show off the constructible Ogres and buildings. Your store name will be in the list of supporters. NOTE that we WILL call, and/or confirm with distributors, and/or send MIBs to your address, to verify that you are a genuine brick-and-mortar store. Any unverified supporters at this level will receive two copies of the game and nothing else! So do NOT choose this level unless you can prove that you are a real, currently operating, brick-and-mortar retailer. NOTE ALSO that this has to ship to an address in the continental US, but the store itself does not have to be in the US."

If you're a retailer and want to support, check it out. If you are planning to buy Ogre through your FLGS to support them, good . . . and please let them know about this deal in case it meets their needs.

-- Steve Jackson

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