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April 17, 2012: The Ogre Keeps Rolling

The Kickstarter reaction continues to amaze us . . . and the new edition of Ogre, and your reactions to it, have really captured everyone's imagination here at Illuminati HQ. You will recall that more than once in the past few years I've said "Munchkin ran that project off the road?" Well, at the moment, Ogre is running right over the top of other projects.

But we DO have other projects, so tomorrow we'll meet again on Castellan (which everyone loved at both the GAMA and ACD shows). We have something almost ready to announce for Zombie Dice, and we have to squeeze out the time to make that happen properly. I have a great Munchkin Axe Cop contest about ready to launch. And so on.

But right now I'm thinking of everything in Ogre terms. For instance, my personal Ogre is a Mk. 1998 Corolla, and over the weekend I noticed that a couple of the tires were down to 1 tread unit, but I was many, many hexes from home at the time. Fortunately, I rolled well . . .

But you see what I mean? It's all Ogre right now.

-- Steve Jackson

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