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April 8, 2020: Free Dice-Game Rules PDF: Army Men Dice War


Following on the release of the free solitaire rules for Gelatinous, we have another free dice game PDF for you to enjoy while you're at home with the family. This time around, we're presenting Army Men Dice War, a game for two that can be played with a dozen standard six-sided dice (six per player) . . . or with our Army Men d6 Dice Set

If you're using standard dice, the 'one' side of each die is the soldier. Otherwise, all you need is to download this rules PDF and you're set for a head-to-head war with an opponent. 

Bonus: The game also works through video chat, giving you the chance to play a game with a friend or loved one who may not be close by during these challenging times.

-- Phil Reed

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