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April 20, 2020: FnordCon For The Win!

453 people came through the virtual doors, not counting staff and speakers, for the online FnordCon over the weekend. We had three days of livestreaming panels, with two online games of Deadly Doodles. There were a few technical hiccups, mostly with the initials Voice Over Discord, but we got past them in plenty of time to have fun panels. There were zero serious problems of any kind – zero bad technical issues, zero people problems, zero boring events.

My thanks go out to the staff (especially our IT guys!) who helped pull this together in very short order; to all of our speakers for showing up and being helpful and genial; and to every one of those 453 people who gave this new convention medium a try. And a special tip of the hat to our two virtual vendors, Gaming Ballistic and Wintertree Software, for participating in the dealer room. (And it worked. They both reported good sales weekends while still actually getting to attend the convention!) (Also, Warehouse 23 had a good weekend. -PR)

We are barely into the post-morteming process now, but I think it's very likely that we will do something like this again. It was enjoyable and informative for us . . . and apparently for the fans, too!

And, just like a face-to-face con, I'm tired now. But I didn't have to drive, I didn't have to fly, and I am pretty darn sure I didn't get the con crud.

-- Steve Jackson

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