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April 17, 2020: FnordCon 2 Starts Today

Virtual Fnordcon

This is our online convention, with livestreamed panel discussions, a virtual dealer room, and even live games of Deadly Doodles. We're holding it on our new Discord channel. It is, of course, completely free!

Use the invitation link and log in, and you'll be in the Welcome channel. Go to "Rules," read to the bottom, and click your agreement. Then you're in! Note that the event starts at 4pm, US Central time (CDT) – the invite will not work until then.

You should join the appropriate voice channel - Panel 1 or AMA 1, depending on whether you are watching a panel or an Ask Me Anything - so you can hear the speakers. You will be able to ask questions by typing to a customized bot moderator.

Here's the full schedule of events.

The schedule for today is:

  • 4pm – Doors open. Welcome session, Discord practice, open chat in the con suite and dealer room.
  • 6pm – Panel – The New Car Wars.
  • 7pm – AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Steve Jackson answers questions on any subject.
  • 8pm – Panel – Online Tabletops.
  • 9pm – Deadly Doodles, probably on Facebook Live. Any number can play!
  • 10pm and later – Open chat until people go home.

Please join us!

-- Steve Jackson

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