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April 17, 2018: Take The Fantasy Trip With Melee And Wizard

Take a journey through time and space, to when roleplaying games weren't giant tomes of information. Take a trip: The Fantasy Trip!

The Fantasy Trip makes its long-awaited return with the two titles that started it all: Melee and Wizard. What is The Fantasy Trip? It's the very first published RPG by Steve Jackson, originally released in 1977. It all started with Melee, with Wizard following shortly thereafter. This simple system was fun, fast, and perfect for one-shot games. 

Fast-forward to 2018 . . . The Fantasy Trip is back, with Melee and Wizard becoming updated minibox games, and we are excited to reveal the new logos:



Steve is hard at work getting the game ready for release (which could come by way of Kickstarter). While there will be graphical updates, don't look for a heavy-handed rules revamp. As Steve puts it, "I want a fully modern presentation, but most of the rules are pretty good as they are." 

Whether you are a longtime fan or are looking for a new adventure, The Fantasy Trip fills the bill. Keep an eye on the Daily Illuminator for more TFT news in the future! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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