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August 1, 2007: Have A Super At GenCon

While we do wish all attendees a super time at GenCon Indy this year, the title of this entry isn't missing a word. As we did with GURPS Mysteries and GURPS Transhuman Space: Changing Times, GURPS Supers will be available in softcover format, first at the Steve Jackson Games booth and shortly thereafter from Warehouse 23.

GURPS Supers brings the genre of four-color heroes to GURPS Fourth Edition, providing the world-building counterpart to the superhuman abilities in GURPS Powers. The print version will include all 151 pages, with a full color cover.

If you'll be in Indy the third weekend of August, stop by booth #1421 and pick up a copy. I'll be there, doing the Exact Change Dance with the Adventure Retail crew, right next to the huge pile of Cthulhu-ese plushies.

If you can't make it this year, stop by Warehouse 23. It went up for pre-order on Monday, but we'll be happy to reserve one for you today.
-- Paul Chapman

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