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August 22, 2007: Back From GenCon

I'm back in Austin, following an exhausting GenCon. It was, as expected, an excellent show: Wizards announced the fourth edition of D&D, the MIBs ran over 200 attendees through their Path to Illumination, and our booth was busier than ever. It may have been, in fact, the best year ever for booth sales, at least equaling 2004's launch of GURPS Fourth Edition.

Unlike Origins, this time I remembered both my camera and the memory card for it. Like Origins, my time was absorbed by other things, and I never got around to wandering the hall, taking pictures. But J. Hunter Johnson has my back, and his photo album is here. Once again, many thanks!

There were simply too many cool things going on in Indianapolis. Every evening, I had multiple options on where to go and what to do. Between hanging out with friends, the Wizards press conference, a couple of games, and the White Wolf/CCP party, I had a great time. Heck, I could go back in time, do something different every night (and drink a lot more Red Bull), and still have a great time. My only regret is Friday night, when I shamefully fell asleep after dinner.

In the final evaluation, I did get to play some games, saw a lot more, and talked to a great number of awesome gamers. It was a fantastic event, and I am definitely looking forward to next year.
-- Paul Chapman

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