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August 14, 2007: What To Look For At GenCon

GenCon Indy is creeping up on us, if a freight train barreling at full speed directly towards you can be called "creeping." As usual, Adventure Retail will be representing us in the exhibit hall (stop by Booth #1421 and say hi!), and the loyal MIBs will be running sessions, tournaments, and demos of a broad selection from our catalog. In fact, they're running so many events, GenCon Indy gave them their own room! If you're looking for a Steve Jackson Games event, check in at Room 139 first; if the event isn't there, they'll certainly know where it is.

If you're planning your purchases, here's a couple of new releases to check out. For Munchkin Cthulhu fans, we should have Call of Cowthulhu in stock. This is the first expansion for Munchkin Cthulhu, and takes barnyard humor to places your sanity doesn't want to go.

On the GURPS front, we'll have two new offerings: GURPS Supers, the POD edition of the cosmically popular e23 release, filled with pulse-pounding genre guides for the four-color hero in all of us; and GURPS Martial Arts, 256 pages of combat options for GURPS Fourth Edition, bringing hardcore realism or over-the-top wire-fu to campaigns everywhere.

All this, and Adventure Retail's pile of plush, Cthulhiana Corner, and much, much more!
-- Paul Chapman

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