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August 2, 2006: Stevie Wants!

Leaving the office today, I noticed a HUGE banner outside our local McDonald's. Must have been 20 feet long. Obviously they've got a "Pirates of the Caribbean" promotion going on. It said "Pirates be here."

That would be a great addition to the Pirate Game. Stevie wants!

So, mateys . . . This be a scavenger hunt. If ye can be gettin' me one of them things, I be owin' ye a favor. Ye no doubt has somethin' ye wants, too. We can discuss tha' details at our leisure, after ye gets yer hands on tha' goods.

It should go without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway: keep it legal. This must be an honestly acquired banner. I has no doubts that among me readers there be many wi' th' talent ta jest scarper off wi' one, but that be not th' way t'me heart. Gettin' th' treasure all legal-like may be th' harder way, so consider it a challenge.

And if I happens to get two, well, I knows someone who would lubs it as much as I would. Tell ye tha' details later, if it comes ta pass.

-- Steve Jackson

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