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August 3, 2011: Gen Con, Gen Con, Gen Con

Tomorrow is a day months in the making. Tomorrow is the first of four days of gaming, game shopping, and geeking out in Indianapolis. Tomorrow is the first day of Gen Con.

The Steve Jackson Games crew are on-site, headquartered in booth 1401. We'll be mixing some of the classic Convention Stuff -- hot and cold running demos of a lot of different games -- with some new ideas. We have a TV running slides of new and awesome games, and two cabinets filled with prototypes and samples from things we haven't even announced yet. The Brain in a Jar will be making its first Gen Con appearance (the gel is just hand sanitizer . . . nothing that would make you more susceptible to mind control, really!), and the capsule vending machine is making its first appearance anywhere (bring your quarters!).

Falling into the "not new, but not business as usual either" department: Steve Jackson himself will be at our booth every day. He'll be signing at 5pm the first three days, and 3pm on Sunday. (Technically, if you catch him at 5pm on Sunday he might sign your game, but he's likely to be in a meeting.)

Our MIBs will be running even more games around the convention hall; check the event register for more details.

But How Will You Find Us?

Banners! Gen Con is a big place, filled with 31,746 things to distract you. That's right: 31,746. I used Science! to calculate that number; it can't be disputed.

Speaking of distractions, I was telling you how to find us in the big wild world of gaming that is Gen Con. See those banners to the right? Look for those!

If you see a giant, glowing pyramid sitting on a tower, that's likely us as well.

No matter what method you use to navigate, stop by our booth. We'll be happy to teach you to play Zombie Dice, Cthulhu Dice, Munchkin, and Revolution! . . . or take your quarters in our capsule machine. And again, if you stop by around 5pm (or 3pm on Sunday), SJ will be happy to sign your games! And he will have some interesting announcements to make . . .

-- Paul Chapman

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