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August 12, 2011: In Austin This Weekend? Like Games? Come Play!

With San Diego Comic-Con and Gen Con just finished, and PAX Prime looming, it occurs to me that I've forgotten to mention a new local convention that's happening this weekend. Austin Board Game Bash is happening at the Doubletree in downtown Austin, and will have two days of folks sitting around and playing games . . . all kinds of games.

I'm planning on getting my game on all weekend, and Steve will be there showing off some game prototypes at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon.

Hope you can attend!

-- Andrew Hackard


Munchkin Axe Cop Ally Ralph Wrinkles Every hero needs a loyal canine companion. And if you're Axe Cop, that companion needs to have special powers . . . like healing vision and laser beams out of your mouth. Having an awesome sidekick name like "Ralph Wrinkles" is just bonus points.

On the comic side, a talking police dog makes perfect sense. In Munchkin . . . well, you can see the advantage having Ralph gives you. Sure, if you die you still need to discard your hand, but that's much better than letting your opponents get those cards!

Ralph Wrinkles is an Ally in Munchkin Axe Cop, available this fall in game stores everywhere. (And if you're attending PAX Prime later this month, ask Andrew to let you look at the prototype! Heck, he may even let you play a game with it!)

-- Paul Chapman

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