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August 10, 2011: California Dreaming

Monday and Tuesday before San Diego Comic-Con, I had the pleasure of visiting four game stores in and around Los Angeles.

The Game Ogre in Northridge was my first stop, and as it's Ethan "Axe Cop" Nicolle's home store as well, we got to talk about Munchkin Axe Cop with the assembled masses. Later that evening I went to Game Empire in Pasadena, where Chuck and his crew hosted me and talked about their expansion plans while Munchkin games went on around us.

On Tuesday I drove down to Santa Monica to visit Aero Hobbies and Games, an old-time store where you can find just about anything on the shelf if you look hard enough. I could have spent all afternoon just flipping through games on the shelves! After dinner with some friends, I went to Burbank to see the folks at Emerald Knights, and once again played Munchkin Axe Cop and Munchkin Zombies (plus Armed and Dangerous) with a crowd of eager and vicious gamers.

My only regret was that I was so busy playing games and meeting people that I didn't take any pictures -- I fail at photographic evidence.

Thanks to all the stores for having me over, and to everyone who came by one (or more -- shout out to Andres!) to spend an hour or two meeting other Munchkin fans and talking about the new stuff coming up. I had a lot of fun!

-- Andrew Hackard

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