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August 7, 2011: Munchkin The Guild!

As the delightful Felicia Day mentioned in her panel at San Diego Comic-Con, The Guild will have its very own Munchkin expansion next spring. We're keeping the details under wraps for the moment, but you may want to watch The Guild's fifth season -- airing now in a variety of places. Just sayin'.

(Also watch Felicia in Eureka on SyFy -- not just for her rocket scientist character Dr. Holly Martin, but because Eureka is one of the geekiest shows on TV right now.)

You can see the entire panel on YouTube.* The Munchkin announcement is around the 6:00 mark . . . and if you were in that audience, thank you for the huge response!

(And Andrew says that we have an artist: Len Peralta, of Geek A Week fame. He did a card of SJ . . . card #23 to be exact!)

-- Paul Chapman

*Technically not the entire panel . . . the video clips of the first episode were left out. Which is too bad, as I understand the footage featured a very nice hat.

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