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August 7, 2015: Update On The (Small) Flood

Phil's office during the flood cleanup Setting up our space at Orange CoworkingAs we mentioned in the DI on August 4, our office experienced some flooding from a failed pipe joint. We lost some furniture (including, unfortunately, our massive conference room table -- game day won't be the same!) and various items that were stacked on floors. We also suffered some damage to walls and insulation throughout the main office. Repairs are likely to keep us out of our HQ for a couple of weeks, at least.

However, we've been fortunate to find an excellent offsite office space at Orange Coworking for most of our editorial and production staff. Our thanks to them for providing us a great workplace solution! Many other colleagues will be working from home for the duration.

Warehouse 23 is open; luckily, the warehouse is a separate building. And our business office is also in a separate building, and the only disruption for them was when our servers were down for a short time. Except for W23 and business operations, please use email to contact our staff, and thank you in advance for your patience as we work out the bugs in a challenging new work setting.

-- Anna Meade

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