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August 16, 2015: Our Classiest GURPS Supplement Ever?

GURPS Social Engineering: Back to School

All sorts of stories place a focus on learning: boot camp, training montages, university tales, schools for super-powered tyros, and more. At last, this rich vein of roleplaying possibility is no longer a footnote, thanks to GURPS Social Engineering: Back to School. Written by William H. Stoddard -- author of the award-winning GURPS Social Engineering -- this supplement looks at all aspects of the learning and teaching process in GURPS.

Back to School includes expanded rules for learning, such as character options for "converting" points between skills and attributes, treating learning like a job, and learning through intensive training. It gives game mechanics for teaching: how equipment helps, what good teachers can accomplish (or bad teachers can hamper), and more. It's also a guide to running a learning-based campaign. It provides advice and insight into running games from the viewpoint of students, instructors, or even administrators trying to keep everything functioning smoothly.

Your heroes are always trying to get better, smarter, more capable. Now those stories don't have to happen off-screen. Download Back to School today from Warehouse 23 and you'll have more class than ever!

-- Steven Marsh

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