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August 11, 2015: Want To See Munchkin Christmas Lite Cards?

Munchkin Christmas Lite, our upcoming special holiday-themed Munchkin set, isn't scheduled for release until November. Fortunately, the wonders of the internet allow us to share a peek in the box early. Take a look at this post at BGG for a look at John Kovalic's work re-illustrating older cards for the holidays. That's not enough to capture your attention? Well, how about a peek at two of the 49 new cards that are hiding inside Munchkin Christmas Lite?

Munchkin Christmas Lite makes a great stand-alone game for the holidays, and to really bring the cheer you may want to explore our entire selection of Munchkin holiday expansions and accessories. And yes, you can combine these with Munchkin Christmas Lite to construct the merriest Munchkin game ever!

-- Phil Reed

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