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August 12, 2019: Munchkin Bricks 2 . . . Get 'Em While You Can!

The Crazy Bricks campaign for a second set of Munchkin bricks is almost over . . . and as of this writing it has almost made its goal. Don't miss these craaaaazy thingies – compatible with Lego and other brands of toy brick. Please support and help make them happen!

Confuse your foes and captivate your friends with Chibithulhu! Tantalize them with two different Tankards! Wham them all with Spyke's Hammer! And, just to be sure, perforate them with the piscine polearm Pike! To say nothing of the tentacles . . . ahh, yes, the tentacles. And the free, exclusive cards! You will be Number 1, and you'll have a brick finger to show it! Don't delay, support today. As they say.

Also, a little bird tells me that Guy Himber, the madman behind Crazy Bricks, will be doing a Tantrum House appearance soon with his giant Lego Munchkin board. So keep reading your friendly neighborhood Daily Illuminator and we'll share details when we get them.


-- Steve Jackson

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