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August 28, 2019: Munchkin Reprints!!!

Last month, we received a container of out-of-stock products and started shipping several Munchkin titles that had been unavailable at our primary warehouse. We hate to run out of our top-selling titles and apologize for so many being out of stock for the last three or four months. A sales spike in January and February swallowed inventory faster than expected, and it took a little time to get everything back under control.

But Munchkin Deluxe, Munchkin 2, Munchkin 3, and several others are now back in stock, so please ask at your favorite local game store if you've been looking for a Munchkin set and unable to find it. The other good news is that we kinda have a handle on the situation . . . our best-sellers should remain in stock for the rest of the year (we hope!).

-- Phil Reed

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