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August 15, 2022: Munchkin Cosplay Contest


Munchkin fans, suit up! If you missed our recent Munchkin Monthly newsletter (you should sign up for that), here's the information on our cosplay contest! Running now until Halloween, the rules are simple: dress up as your favorite Munchkin character, take a picture, and send it via our entry form. There are some other assorted rules, like making sure your costume is PG-13, but you can read the details on the entry form. 
As far as characters, we can't wait to see what everyone chooses! Spyke and Flower are perennial favorites, but why not try out some classic monsters? There's the Net Troll, Duck of Doom, or even Gazebo! If you have a more obscure choice, that's fine as well. It's all about your favorite!
Winners will be announced in early November. Prizes include actual cash, plus some awesome signed Munchkin swag. Entries are open now, so go kick down that door! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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