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August 27, 2022: Adventures Around Jalovhec


If you've enjoyed the artistry of the Octopus Lair, Melee, and Wizard playmats, then you're already familiar with the beautiful cartography work of Dyson Logos. Dyson is an expert cartographer, specializing in maps for use with many fantasy roleplaying games that use square grids in combat. But he does hex maps too! His maps are stunning, recommended, and best of all, many of them are free to download and use today.

One map that may interest fans of both The Fantasy Trip and GURPS is the Adventures Around Jalovhec, a regional hex map just waiting for a talented GM to come in and devise an entire hex crawl. Although the specifics of the map are left open to the GM's imagination, Dyson does provide a little bit of background flavor for those of you who need a springboard to adventure.

"Sprawling over the area where the Greenbeck river joins the Vhec is the trading centre of Jalovhec. A "point of light" in an area of dark forests, wastelands, and inhospitable low mountain ranges, Jalovhec is walled and well-defended against predation by the locals and assisted by its trading partners."

You can find a high-res version of the map – as well as many more maps! – at Dyson's website

But don't blame us when you spend hours scrolling through the site.

-- Phil Reed

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