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August 17, 2019: New Dice And Pins At Warehouse 23!


At Gen Con earlier this month, we revealed new Illuminati, Cthulhu, and Munchkin metal dice sets that look phenomenal. We produced these with our friends at Norse Foundry, and if you've ever seen their dice sets then you know that these are beautiful, hefty dice that make great gifts. When we shared photos of the dice online, we were asked: Where can I get these?

Warehouse 23 is the answer. And right now, while supplies last, all four sets of dice are available in the store.

That's not all, though, because we also have the new pins that were released at Gen Con listed for sale on Warehouse 23. We have a total of five new pins posted for sale:

These pins were great sellers at Gen Con, and we're sure that many of you will want one or two of the pins for your backpack or jacket.

See all of the new releases at Warehouse 23 today!

-- Phil Reed

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