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August 18, 2022: Two New Dice Games On Indiegogo!

It's a shark-eat-shark world out there, so why not take a break with a couple of dice games using our Ocean Dice on Indiegogo! Aquarium and Eat Thy Neighbor join our Nanogames series of mini-posters featuring fast, fun games for use with a variety of the dice we've designed (or any d6 dice). 
For only $4, you'll get the PDF of both games, or grab a physical copy for just $7. All you need to do is supply the dice! But we can also cover that, as our entire Ocean Dice lineup is available through this project. Stock your Aquarium with your favorite sea creatures, and then see who gets eaten as the circle of lIfe plays out in Eat Thy Neighbor.
Steve will also be signing a limited number of games for the highest tier, so if you want something signed by the creator, this is a great opportunity to get it (along with LOTS of dice and some great family games). The campaign ends next week, so get your pledge in soon

-- Hunter Shelburne


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