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December 2, 2015: Get Munchkin Christmas Lite Now!

Munchkin Christmas LiteIt's always wonderful to learn that a new game is selling well – it means we're doing something right!

Apparently, we're doing something very right with Munchkin Christmas Lite, because our distributors are saying lots of copies are heading out to stores. Thanks, retailers!

Munchkin fans, remember that this is a complete game, not just an expansion (although of course you can mix it in with your existing Munchkin sets); it's meant to turn new players into Munchkin fans. And with all the great holiday-themed art, it's a great game for family get-togethers . . . as long as your family doesn't mind a little good-natured back-stabbing! To learn more about how this set came to be, read the Designer's Notes.

Be sure to ask your Friendly Local Game Store if they've ordered Christmas Lite; you don't want to miss out. Stores that order from Southern Hobby might even get signed copies -- now there's a great gift for your favorite cousin's stocking!

-- Andrew Hackard

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