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December 7, 2015: Announcing Two More Munchkin Guest Artist Editions!

Munchkin Zombies Munchkin Coming in September 2016: Munchkin Zombies Guest Artist Edition by Greg Hyland! See all the creepy-crawly, foot-dragging, brain munching action of Munchkin Zombies through a new muck-covered lens! Greg Hyland is the creator of Lethargic Lad, a long-running webcomic that started out as a comic strip in the late 1980s. He has worked with Steve Jackson Games on several projects, including Munchkin Fu, Burn In Hell, and Chez Guevara. Hyland also illustrates Murphy's Rules for the monthly Pyramid PDFzine.

The following November, we will be releasing a second version of the Munchkin Guest Artist Edition basic set, this one by Skullkickers illustrator Edwin Huang -- it's sure to be an over-the-top take on the classic set! Aside from Skullkickers, Huang has worked on various comics, designed video game characters, and even drawn story boards for commercials.

See the press release for details!

-- Rhea Friesen

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