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December 5, 2020: Illuminated Not-So-Secrets

Among all the things that the Illuminati don't want you to know, and all the things we want you to believe even though they are horrible lies, there are a few true things that we would love for you to know. So brace yourselves:

The INWO Book is back in print, in PDF form. It tells you about all the cards, gives some suggestions for play, and of course fnord.

• The Kickstarter for the computer game Illuminati Confirmed is rolling along, and the current plan is to have a playable demo well before the end of the campaign, to let you see (a small subset of) what you will be getting. World domination will soon be at your digital fingertips.

Illuminati 2020, the (somewhat) dark and gloomy, but also (very) silly supplement about This Awful Year, is still available at Warehouse 23. It is not for regular distribution, so we didn't print multiple thousands. But you have not yet bought all we did print. This is an expansion for Illuminati Second Edition.

-- Steve Jackson

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