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December 7, 2022: CARnage STL Project Closes On Kickstarter Today

This experiment in 3D printable STL files for use with Car Wars and other autocombat games has gone quite well, and today is your last chance to join the Kickstarter campaign and take advantage of the project savings. Supporters have unlocked several stretch goals, and we're at work preparing the files for release to the backers in early 2023.

What's included? Over 60 separate bits you can print on a resin printer and then add to your 1/64 scale toy cars. Using these parts, you can customize toy cars and then base them (a 3D base is included in the campaign!) for play in Car Wars Sixth Edition. In addition to the parts, this Kickstarter also offers a shot at the 3D files for the miniatures included in the Car Wars Sixth Edition line . . . and four new car miniatures!

Join the campaign today to take advantage of the Kickstarter pricing!


-- Phil Reed

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