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December 13, 2015: Last Week For Grab Boxes At Warehouse 23!

[Image]Christmas is just a few weeks away, and over at Warehouse 23, our online store, we're celebrating the holidays with two Grab Boxes of surprise loot. This is an idea that has been tossed back and forth in the office for a few years now -- Alex Kosarek, our webmaster, has probably mentioned this to me a dozen times over the years -- and we thought it might be something many of you would enjoy.

And enjoy it you have! We've been stunned by the number of Grab Box orders, and after we finish inventory later this month we'll have to restock the warehouse to replace all of the goodies that you guys have snatched up. Thanks, and I hope you're using some of the stuff to introduce someone new to your favorite game!

You've not yet grabbed your box? Better get to it, gang, because these close down on December 18. Grab yourself a box or two before it's too late!

-- Phil Reed

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