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February 1, 2009: Stab Your Buddy, But Do It Fairly

We here at Munchkin HQ recognize that much of the fun of the game, for some people, comes from friendly arguments over the rules. We support this!

However, in an effort to make sure that these arguments remain friendly, and to keep you from arguing about places where we may have, um, actually screwed up, we'd like to call your attention to some resources that all true munchkins should make a point of checking frequently.

The Munchkin FAQ has answers to questions that we've been asked -- frequently -- at conventions, by e-mail, and occasionally by people accosting us at bus stops. We haven't yet gotten Munchkin questions by singing telegram, but it wouldn't surprise us. (Nothing surprises us anymore where Munchkin is concerned.) We know the FAQ is overdue for an update; we're working on it.

Sometimes, rules aren't just unclear, they're actually wrong. When that happens, we post corrections on the Munchkin Errata pages. These aren't just our interpretations; these are actual corrections for actual mistakes. Whoops. At least we admit it!

Of course, the forums have ongoing discussions of Munchkin and Munchkin Quest, and rule questions often get thrashed out there before they make it to the FAQ or errata pages. The Munchkin Adventurers' Guild e-mail list also talks about rule interpretations.

We encourage all Munchkin devotees to bookmark these pages and check back regularly. You may want to print out the appropriate corrections and throw them in the box. If you ever play in a Munchkin Tournament, all of these changes and interpretations are considered official, so you'd do well to know them in advance!

-- Andrew Hackard

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