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February 6, 2009: Yes, We Have A Mascot

Super Munchkin mascot head

We finally did it. We turned the iconic Super Munchkin into a 7' tall foam mascot. Phil's just wearing the head here. When the whole thing is together, it'll have weapons, shoes, shoulder spikes -- the complete package. It's going to be awesome!

Next week we'll be testing out the suit's maneuverability, and how fast Phil passes out from heat exhaustion. Yes, we'll take more pictures, and perhaps even video, if you're lucky (and Phil isn't).

The Plan is to send our mascot to various shows this summer, and wander around like a demented fairy godmother, granting random bonuses to whomever we feel like. We'll have the suit at GenCon and PAX at a minimum, but we want to give as many people as possible an opportunity to get their photo taken with a bigger-than-life Munchkin.

-- Paul Chapman

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