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January 6, 2021: More Information On The GURPS Pyramid Scheme

We shared the Fantasy article listing in a Kickstarter update last month (posted here). Today, while we work behind-the-scenes to finish preparing the GURPS Pyramid Scheme for launch, we're sharing the list of Modern articles that are ready to join the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Modern/Action – Articles at Launch

  • El Rancho Fin del Camino — Matt Riggsby [ready-to-use locale, with map]
  • Derelicts on Ice — Carolyn Ivy Stein and Steve Stein [ships to explore]
  • Secret Masters — Rory Fansler [character options for an illuminated campaign] 

Modern/Action – Stretch Goal Articles

  • The Phoenix Program — S.A. Fisher [real-world Vietnam info]
  • Three Steampunk Monsters — Phil Masters [monsters!!]
  • The Checkpoint — Michele Armellini [generic encounter]
  • Into the Forbidden Zone — J. Edward Tremlett [real-world lost locales]
  • Phoenix: Birds of Prey — S.A. Fisher [more real-world Vietnam info]
  • The Hunter's Reliquary II — Christopher R. Rice [more options for GURPS Monster Hunters]
  • The Company — Sean Punch [GURPS Action expansion]
  • Highway Stars — Roger Burton West [popular vehicles using GURPS vehicles stats]

Don't miss this newest Pyramid volume! Follow the Kickstarter campaign today to receive email notification when the project launches later this month. Three new issues are almost ready to go, and all we need now is for you to tell us how many articles to pack into each issue so that we can finish the work and open these up to the world.

-- Phil Reed

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