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January 7, 2021: Want To Make A Computer Game For Us?

We are now ready to look at proposals to emulate the classic 1985 computer game, Autoduel, for modern systems. It should look and play like the original game; it should BE the original game, pixels, casinos, and all. In other words: The design is done. The code and the art should be re-created. We have had a lot of requests for exactly that, and we want to do it. (Thanks to the great courtesy of Electronic Arts, the game design has reverted to us. But not the source code; it no longer exists. That is where you come in.)

If you think you have seen that news before, you're right. We had the project under contract last year, but the studio just quit answering calls or letters, and the contract expired at the end of the year. (No, we don't know why they fell out of touch. We hope they are still alive. This was in 2020, after all.)

Had the reborn Autoduel come out on schedule, it would have coincided nicely with the new Car Wars . . . had that come out on schedule. As it is, we'll just see.

We would consider a license, but we'd prefer to be the publisher ourselves, contracting with an experienced studio for development. We could operate on either a flat fee or a royalty basis, depending on whether you want to feed the kids now, or get an income stream for later.

We are looking for a game that runs on both PC and Mac; Steam is an option but not a requirement.

If you are interested, contact me directly at sj@sjgames.com, with "Autoduel" in the title. I'll tell my spam filter that that word is whitelisted . . .

Let's make a game!

-- Steve Jackson

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