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January 12, 2021: New Releases For January


We have two new titles in the warehouse and scheduled to land in stores on January 27:

  • Deluxe Dice Bag: Happy Faeries. Carry your dice in style using this large, satin-lined dice bag! Featuring custom art that perfectly accents any tabletop game, this whimsical dice bag will bring you luck at your next game night. You provide the faerie dust!
  • Dragon d6 Dice Set. In a forgotten cave, in a far-away land, we found a dragon's egg. Nurtured on a bed of smoldering embers, it finally hatched . . . and these brightly colored dice spilled forth! That's our story, anyway.

These game accessories are perfect for use with almost any game, including GURPS and The Fantasy Trip, and they also make incredible gifts for the dice fans in your life.

Please contact your favorite local game store today to pre-order both! If you're unsure of which store is closest to you, please check our store finder.

-- Phil Reed

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