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January 8, 2004: Inappropriate Behavior

I just got off the phone, and it was the kind of call that makes me shake my head. This is the sort of thing that put Harlan Ellison off fandom.

I was returning a call from an individual who had left a message claiming to be "working with" a very well-known miniatures company. I won't mention the name; it's not THEIR fault.

At any rate: He turned out to be "working with" them in the sense of being their self-appointed booster. He used the word "facilitate" a lot, but mostly he just explained (as if to one unfamiliar with the concept) the benefits of licensing, told me what a great job Company X would do, and asked me if I'd heard from their owner.

Folks: Don't do this. This is the kind of thing that makes creators and business-owners hide behind three layers of secretaries. This wasn't just fanboying . . . this was namedropping to get me to return a call so he could goober at me on my dime. This was not what I needed to end my day.
-- Steve Jackson

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