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January 15, 2004: Getting In The Spirit: Free GURPS Mars!

By the time you read this, if all went well, Spirit is off its lander and sitting on the surface of Mars . . . to check up on it, you can visit NASA or that excellent news site, Space.com.

To celebrate . . . and believe me, we're a bunch of space fans here and we ARE celebrating . . . GURPS Mars will be free, until the end of January, with any Warehouse 23 order of $100 or more. (That size order gets you free regular shipping in the US; if you're ordering internationally, read that as "$100 before shipping fees.") And that is all orders PLACED between now and the end of January, regardless of when they actually ship.

If you don't need $100 worth of books right now, call the people you play with and do a group buy, and then start an "Exploring Mars" campaign. Looks like you can set it within our lifetimes . . .

Now cross your fingers for Opportunity . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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