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January 16, 2004: April Releases

Steve Jackson Games will release the following products in April, 2004:

Greed Is Good!

. . . and it's especially good in the dungeon. In GreedQuest, four to six players race to the bottom level of the dungeon to grab The Hoard. Now all you have to do is get out of the dungeon with it . . . and everyone else is between you and the exit!

Each player has his own deck of cards that control movement. Bluff, scheme, and strategize your way to the head of the pack . . . but some cards will change the rules when you least expect it!

This is a fast, unpredictable game, easy to learn and fun for all ages, with lots of quick replay value. And it's illustrated by Phil Foglio!

168 full-color cards, six stand-up color figures with bases, color map, and rules sheet in a 6" x 9" x 1-3/4" box. Stock #1435, ISBN 1-55634-727-8. $24.95.

GURPS Greece (Reprint)
The land we call Greece was the home of one of the greatest cultures the world has ever known. With GURPS Greece, you can experience the challenges of the heroes of myth: Contend with the love and the wrath of the gods as you set out on epic quests. Fight for loot and honor, or earn a bitter death on the plain before the gates of fabled Troy. Win prestige as a statesman in the city Assembly - or lose everything as the people turn against you and send you into exile.

GURPS Greece includes detailed timelines and maps describing the world as the Greeks knew it, information on their religion, rules for the magic of the Hellenic myths, and a Bestiary describing the monsters and animal foes faced by Greek heroes.

128 pages. Stock #6075, ISBN 1-55634-096-6. $24.95.

GURPS Low-Tech (Reprint)
From the dawn of civilization to the Middle Ages . . . or in any fantasy game . . . GURPS Low-Tech is a universal resource for any campaign set before the age of gunpowder and the printing press. It's 128 pages of detailed research and game ideas:

  • Weapons: Cleave an enemy's skull with a stone axe, stab him with a bronze sword, or impale him on your obsidian-tipped spear.
  • Armor: Whether it's the crudest leather or the finest iron chain, any armor is better than none. Plus new rules for piecemeal armor!
  • Vehicles: Steer a dogsled across the Arctic, sail a trireme across the Mediterranean, or ride your chariot over the battlefields of Asia.
  • Equipment: Yokes and plows, adzes and hammers, sundials and locks; everything it takes to build a town or a nation.
  • Plus shelter, science, and civilizations . . . from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.
Whether you're playing cavemen fighting to stay alive, armored knights jousting for honor, or time travelers searching for the truth about history, GURPS Low-Tech brings the past to life!

128 pages. Stock #6526, ISBN 1-55634-343-4. $24.95.

GURPS Traveller: Star Mercs (Reprint)
A Sourcebook for Military/Mercenary Operations in the Far Future

Everything you need for a military-oriented campaign in the universe of Traveller! This book covers combat (and a soldier's life) in the 57th century; how to recruit, organize, and equip a mercenary unit; and the Imperial rules of war. There are descriptions of how armies are organized and equipped for Tech Levels from 5 to 12, discussions of strategy and tactics, and a comprehensive rundown on weapons and the other tools of the soldier's trade. In addition, deck plans for the 800-ton Broadsword class mercenary cruiser are included.

Star Mercs also includes templates for military and mercenary soldier characters, sample missions, and a variety of units and NPC personalities your mercenary group might encounter, including the famed and feared Imperial Marines.

128 pages. Stock #6604, ISBN 1-55634-364-7. $24.95.

GURPS Traveller: Far Trader (Reprint)
Next to the mercenary game, the "independent trader" campaign is the most popular among Traveller players. This new book is the complete support volume for the Trader campaign. You can:

  • Develop sector-wide trade routes, following the demands of commerce on an interplanetary scale.
  • Start your own character-run business, raise capital, and finance your money-making ventures.
  • Make contacts, find niche markets, and exploit opportunities the big corporations miss.
  • Learn what it takes to run a successful commercial starship.
  • Expand your world with 15 new character templates.
  • Run entire mercantile campaigns, including free traders, smugglers, and pirates.
Far Trader complements the GURPS Traveller volumes on Starports and Starships. It is also fully compatible with GURPS Space, and a useful supplement for any science fiction campaign.

128 pages. Stock #6606, ISBN 1-55634-373-6. $26.95.

Transhuman Space: Toxic Memes
Believe It Or Not . . .

Though you might not have a choice. 2100 is ruled by memetics -- the science of analyzing, engineering, and manipulating ideas. Memeticists know how to get into your head for power, money, and religion. Or just for the fun of it.

Transhuman Space: Toxic Memes explores cults, conspiracies, urban legends, and fads from around the world at the end of the 21st century. In a world where belief, fear, and ideology can be sculpted like clay, how does anyone know what they really think?

Transhuman Space: Toxic Memes is a sourcebook for the Transhuman Space setting, and includes detailed rules for the creation and propagation of memes, technologies for controlling information and managing reputations, new characters, new templates, campaign ideas, and over a hundred cults, movements, conspiracies, myths, and fringe sub-cultures to use as adventure seeds, background flavor, and to enhance your game's sense that the world of Transhuman Space is a very strange place indeed.

144 pages. Stock #6712, ISBN 1-55634-726-X. $26.95.

GURPS WWII: Motor Pool
By Land, Sea, or Air . . .

World War II raged from the deserts of North Africa to the jungles of the South Pacific, the mountaintops of the Alps to the beaches of Normandy, to the high seas, the undersea depths, and the skies above it all. And everywhere were the machines of war -- the bombers, fighters, tanks, jeeps, ships, submarines, landing craft, and more, thousands of designs built by dozens of different countries.

GURPS WWII: Motor Pool is the definitive sourcebook for it all. Using the WWII Modular Vehicle Design System from the GURPS WWII Core Rulebook (itself derived from GURPS Vehicles 2/e), Motor Pool has complete stats for combat vehicles of all types, from all theaters and combatants, in mankind's greatest conflict.

No matter what type of GURPS WWII game you're playing, Motor Pool has the info you need to ramp up the action!

128 pages. Stock #8011, ISBN 1-55634-642-5. $24.95.

I S S A R I E S 
Gathering Thunder: Sartar Rising Volume 3
The Lunar Empire has been defeated at the Battle of Iceland. Orlanth is free, and across Dragon Pass and the world the winds have been released. This is the time to strike, the time for heroes to raise the rest of the land against the Empire, begin quests that will take years to bear fruit, and finally to aid Kallyr as she returns a lost planet to the sky and upsets the plans of the Empire.

Gathering Thunder is the third book of the Sartar Rising campaign. It continues the epic struggle of the Heortlings against the Lunar Empire, building on the events and information provided in Barbarian Adventures and Orlanth is Dead!, the first two books of the series. This 80-page book includes six scenarios set in Dragon Pass, each a testing ground for heroes as they rise to become leaders in the rebellion:

  • The New Breathers, by Martin Hawley
  • Sheep, Clouds, Thunder, by Jeff Kyer
  • The Other Side of the Dragon, by David Dunham
  • Kill Wasps! by Ian Cooper
  • Final Days at Skullpoint, by Ron Edwards
  • Ship of the Sky, a heroquest by Greg Stafford

80 pages. Stock #ISS1403, ISBN 1-929052-17-0. $19.95.

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