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January 10, 2010: Early Nanuk Demos

Nanuk cover

We sent early copies of Nanuk out to several of our elite volunteer squads, to show off this highly social game. Here's what a few of them had to say.

"Every time I've demoed this game, it's been well-received, and almost always results in a loud, active bunch of players. It attracts people from other areas of the store to come see what is going on." -- Brian

"We didn't get all the way to shouting but we did get people hopping out of their chairs." -- Andrew

"All in all, the game play was as fast as the players allowed. They really got into the boasting/storytelling and sometimes even teaming up to thrash rivals." -- Jim

"I watched a guy walk away with a game by single-handedly succeeding at a seven-animal, seven-day hunt. The way everything hangs on the turns of a few cards puts a lot of tension in the air, and whether it resolves your way or not -- it's an enjoyable feeling." -- Andrew

Phil's a bit hurt that Nanuk is stealing the "Loudest Game We Publish" crown away from Frag Gold Edition. But since he found Nanuk while it was still being developed by Brett Myers and Mark Goadrich, he only has himself to blame.

Personally, "the louder the better," I say. Just as long as we're in a room away from the Agricola players -- wouldn't want to wake them up. (I kid! I kid!)

-- Paul Chapman

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