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January 14, 2010: And Even In Hong Kong I Lose At Games

Ross with Felix at Capstone Last night, after the show, Ross and I set off in search of Capstone, a boardgame cafe hidden somewhere in the winding streets and alleys of Hong Kong's Causeway Bay district. Fortunately, Ross and I now understand that an "F" in an address means floor -- and we've learned that the buildings that don't look at all like a shopping center usually house the best shops and restaurants -- so actually locating the cafe was easier than we expected. Hey, we've got this Hong Kong thing!

This boardgame cafe was a little smaller than the one we visited a few days ago, but no less fun. Capstone was clean, had a great selection of games, and Ross and I weren't there more than two or three minutes before we were offered drinks. (If you care, I chose the ice caramel chocolate, which was fantastic.) And after chatting with Felix, one of the owners of the cafe, Ross and I soon found ourselves sitting down for a game of Summoner Wars. (I lost.)

After thanking our hosts and finding our way back to the street, Ross and I then proceeded to search for Victoria Park, one of Hong Kong's gorgeous parks. The quest led us to the harbor, where we spotted hundreds of junks. No photos of the insanity in the harbor, though, because it was way too dark for my camera to work. The adventure continued as Ross and I looked into dozens of shops, got turned around a few times, tramped through tunnels beneath the city, and otherwise played tourist in one of the busiest cities I've ever visited.

Today's the last day of the Hong Kong Toy Fair, so I'm now setting off for one last look at the booths. I've only got a few hours to explore the exhibit halls before my next meeting with a factory rep. What's this meeting about? Munchkin, but I can't talk about the specific project because it's unannounced, still in development, and is a completely new type of FNORD for us.

-- Phil Reed

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