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January 11, 2009: Munchkin Booty 2: Checked And Printing

Over the holidays, Will received the proofs for Munchkin Booty 2 -- Jump the Shark. After a festive checking session, he gave the printer the all-clear.

Even as we speak, paper is taking ink, cards are being cut, and boxes are being labeled. The shipping container will be loaded late this month, and the first Munchkin Booty expansion will be hitting our warehouse in March, quickly to be sent to your Friendly Local Game Store.

We're getting quite good at these Munchkin games, aren't we? I'm not suggesting designing, illustrating, and producing 112 cards is easy, but we've learned much in the past 8 years. Creating expansions have become equal parts pleasure and perspiration, with the balance sliding more and more towards "pleasure."

-- Paul Chapman

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