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January 29, 2009: The Year Of Looting Dangerously

We've started leaving the 2009 Munchkin Silver Piece lying around the dungeon. It has the avaricious Super Munchkin on one side and the fearsome Plutonium Dragon on the other!

Every month, the 2009 Silver Piece has a different Munchkin rule that applies only during that month -- and that rule will be valid in 2010 and beyond, as long as you're using the 2009 coin! (Which also means that if you already have the 2008 Silver Piece, you can keep using it with the 2008 rules. We're all about recycling at SJ Games . . . You just can't use both coins in the same game.)

You can get the coin from your friendly local Man In Black or from SJ Games staff and volunteers at a con. And we'll probably dream up other ways as well fnord.

Click over to the 2009 Munchkin Silver Piece page for images of the 2009 coin and for the latest rule! (Scroll down to the bottom to see the January 2009 rule and the pictures.)

-- Andrew Hackard

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