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January 15, 2009: We Want A Webmaster

Steve Jackson Games is seeking a full-time Webmaster. The webmaster is responsible for maintaining, updating, and improving the SJ Games websites, developing new content and graphic designs, and acting as our in-house expert on the web and related technology. This is a full-time job, with health benefits and paid leave, and requires working in our Austin office.

Candidates must be highly organized, and be good communicators, both in person and in writing. In addition, candidates:

  • Must have at least two years' experience in developing and maintaining an Apache-based web site, preferably on Linux or other Unix-based system.
  • Must be an expert with HTML and CSS, and able to create standards-compliant pages.
  • Must be able to do image manipulation and graphic design with Photoshop.
  • Must know enough Linux to handle basic site administration without the help of the System Administrator.

Much of our web scripting is done in Perl. While knowledge of Perl is not a requirement, it is very helpful in maintaining the site and developing new features. Familiarity with one or more of XML, Mason, JavaScript, PHP, Python, or SQL databases is also very beneficial.

Please respond to jimmie@sjgames.com with a current resume (in plain text, PDF, or .doc format) and links to samples of your work, if available.

-- Jimmie Bragdon

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