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January 12, 2009: First New e23 Releases Of The Year!

The first non-holiday Thursday of 2009 has come, and e23 delivered two new GURPS goodies!

GURPS Mass Combat by David Pulver is the Fourth Edition update of the GURPS battlefield rules. The focus is cinematic resolution of big battles, deciding the fate of massed companies of troops with just a few die rolls. The commanders -- the players -- have real influence over their success or failure; they're just not bogged down with the less exciting business of logistics and campaigning that often win real conflicts.

GURPS Ultra-Lite is a distillation of GURPS Fourth Edition . . . down to a single page! Designed to fold up into a mini-book, this freebie by Sean Punch is a work-in-progress. Download, print, and give it a try. There is already a lively discussion on our forums.

Two new releases, by two of the architects of GURPS Fourth Edition -- what a way to start 2009!

-- Paul Chapman

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