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January 1, 2021:
For the Ogre players in the audience, do not miss the Ogrezine print collection that is available now from Amazon. This print-on-demand book collects the first two Ogrezine projects between two covers, providing you with fiction, scenarios, and articles for use with the classic game of cybertank combat . . . read article

January 2, 2021:
As part of our "what is working?" review, the business office sends us reports with data on titles sold by month. Recently, the November sales numbers landed in our laps . . . and here are the top 10 sellers by unit for November of 2020! Munchkin Deluxe Munchkins & Mazes Zombie Dice Munchkin Munchkin 6 - Double Dungeons Munchkin 5 - De-Ranged Munchkin Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Guts and Gory Illuminati Second Edition Munchkin 4 - The Need for Steed Munchkin 7 - Cheat With Both Hands  You may notice that two important titles -- Munchkin 2 and Munchkin 3 -- are missing from the list? . . . read article

January 3, 2021:
Our team continues to prepare older GURPS titles for release as print-on-demand books, expanding the GURPS On Demand part of our catalog. Now, dozens of long out-of-print GURPS books are once again available in hardcopy! . . . read article

January 4, 2021:
My friend Dana Lombardy, who designed Streets of Stalingrad, has returned to the game hobby, with a new company, Lombardy Studios. Visit his website to see what's coming there . . . read article

January 5, 2021:
In 2020, we successfully closed and funded a total of ten different campaigns through our Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 accounts on Kickstarter. Of those ten different projects, eight are behind us, rewards delivered and each one over and 100% complete.  The eight completed campaigns are: Warehouse 23 Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2, Powered by GURPS - Delivered ahead of schedule. Hexagram #4, an Old-School RPG Zine for The Fantasy Trip - Delivered one month late . . . read article

January 6, 2021:
We shared the Fantasy article listing in a Kickstarter update last month (posted here). Today, while we work behind-the-scenes to finish preparing the GURPS Pyramid Scheme for launch, we're sharing the list of Modern articles that are ready to join the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Modern/Action – Articles at Launch El Rancho Fin del Camino — Matt Riggsby [ready-to-use locale, with map] Derelicts on Ice — Carolyn Ivy Stein and Steve Stein [ships to explore] Secret Masters — Rory Fansler [character options for an illuminated campaign]  Modern/Action – Stretch Goal Articles The Phoenix Program — S.A . . . read article

January 7, 2021:
We are now ready to look at proposals to emulate the classic 1985 computer game, Autoduel, for modern systems. It should look and play like the original game; it should BE the original game, pixels, casinos, and all . . . read article

January 8, 2021:
Over the holidays, a few of our favorite Warhammer-focused YouTube channels played Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 on their channels, showcasing one of our most popular new editions of Munchkin. Tons of chaos (and Chaos Undivided, and Chaos Knights . . . ) ensued -- with tons of curses, free levels handed out, and even some Hardy Har Har! Big thanks to MiniWarGaming and Tabletop Titans for playing . . . read article

January 9, 2021:
While reviewing inventory levels, two Ogre titles stood out as running very, very low. At the moment, we're down to the last copies of both of these items and have no plans to reprint either one. Ogre Reinforcements, which is an excellent companion to Ogre Sixth Edition and is loaded with new units for both sides, all-new scenarios, and more map overlays. Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition, the hardcover rulebook for use with the plastic Ogre miniatures that we've been producing over the last few years . . . read article

January 10, 2021:
The UK's Royal Mint has memorialized H.G. Wells with a 2-pound coin that shows a Martian tripod with . . . wait for it . . . four legs . . . read article

January 11, 2021:
The five dice bags performed remarkably well, two of them (Dice Dragon and Cthulhu) so very well that we have new printings* scheduled for release later this year. Dice Dragon Dice Bag Dice Bag: Cthulhu Dice Bag: Skeletons Dice Bag: Lich Dice Bag: Illuminati Supplies are running low on a few of these. If you've not yet grabbed your favorite design, you can find the bags today at your local game store . . . read article

January 12, 2021:
We have two new titles in the warehouse and scheduled to land in stores on January 27: Deluxe Dice Bag: Happy Faeries. Carry your dice in style using this large, satin-lined dice bag! . . . read article

January 13, 2021:
Over the last few months of 2020, our team expanded the GURPS On Demand catalog as we push to get as many older titles available in print-on-demand as possible. Joining the dozens of GURPS On Demand titles: GURPS Villains GURPS Religion GURPS Undead GURPS Warehouse 23 These print-on-demand books are offered through Amazon's services, making it a lot easier for many of you -- regardless of where you may live -- to collect print copies of these GURPS books . . . read article

January 14, 2021:
Our first Kickstarter campaign of 2021 is set to be a blast as, with your support, we launch the first three issues in a new volume of Pyramid! So far we have shared the article lists for two of the issues (Fantasy/Magic I and Modern/Action I), and now it is time to announce the articles for the third issue: Sci-Fi/Tech I. Sci-Fi/Tech - Articles at Launch Reign of Action — Roger Burton West [how to use GURPS Action with GURPS Reign of Steel] Space Zombies! — J . . . read article

January 15, 2021:
Last summer, we ran a GURPS Kickstarter campaign that brought a dozen different GURPS titles into the world. Those who missed out on the campaign continue to ask: "When will these PDFs be available at Warehouse 23?" While we're not yet ready to answer that question, we can say that the $24 reward level in the upcoming GURPS Pyramid Scheme project on Kickstarter will include all twelve of the challenge PDFs and the three new Pyramid issues . . . read article

January 16, 2021:
Our Indiegogo campaign for the new Candy Heart d6 Dice Set closed successfully in October, and now we're in the manufacturing stage. These new dice are planned to ship to supporters in February, and so far we've seen the first test shots for the new dice and everything is on schedule . . . read article

January 17, 2021:
Texas. We even experienced a sizeable (for us) layer of frosty stuff in Austin . . . read article

January 18, 2021:
This is it, gang! Later today, the GURPS Pyramid Scheme campaign goes live on Kickstarter and, with your support, we launch three new issues of Pyramid in PDF and bring more GURPS support to the world! . . . read article

January 19, 2021:
Deadly Doodles 2 was a big release for us in 2020, and it continues to get awesome reviews into the new year as well! That's fantastic to see, but not surprising: Deadly Doodles 2 is loaded with content to expand the base game . . . read article

January 20, 2021:
First: This weekend, at 12pm Eastern time on Sunday the 24th, I'll be making a Discord appearance at virtual Chattacon. The whole con is free, so come visit! . . . read article

January 21, 2021:
April showers bring May. . . dice and accessories! Check out the new releases coming in May and prepare for some awesome new gaming accessories for your tabletop games. Dice Bag: Munchkin Unicorns Only a munchkin would bring more than a couple sets of dice to a game day . . . read article

January 22, 2021:
For those of you who are looking to scoop up 122 issues of Pyramid Volume 3 in PDF all at once, we present this bundle at Warehouse 23. Over 500 articles, each one ready to expand your GURPS campaign in new ways . . . read article

January 23, 2021:
With a roster of nearly 20 languages under its belt, Munchkin is our most translated game currently in print, and gamers around the world are able to enjoy Munchkin (and in some places more versions and expansions as well). Now we add a new language to the family with the Korean edition of Munchkin! . . . read article

January 24, 2021:
Our Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game box set is overloaded with everything you need to explore the nearest dungeon . . . just as soon as you add players to your table. For as packed as the box is, though, we know that many of you are always looking for more to expand your fantasy campaigns . . . read article

January 25, 2021:
We're back on BackerKit with a new dice pre-order store! Loaded with new dice, dice bags, and accessories -- as well as some of our existing items -- this pre-order store is perfect for those of you who want to get your hands on the Munchkin Dice Tray of Desperate Terror, the Random Fun Generator book, or any of the new dice like the Radiation d6 Dice Set! . . . read article

January 26, 2021:
We're down to the final hours of the GURPS Pyramid Scheme campaign on Kickstarter, and closing in on that final stretch goal. Will we unlock that final stretch goal before the campaign closes? . . . read article

January 27, 2021:
Our Bullet Dice were first released in early 2019, selling through the first printing much faster than we expected. These custom-shaped, double-injection molded barrel dice look like bullets and are suitable for almost any wargame or modern tactical combat RPG that uses six-sided dice . . . read article

January 28, 2021:
May you have some reprints in May? May-be . . . read article

January 29, 2021:
December's top sellers list looks a bit different than usual for one reason: Random Fun Generator! Decembers are usually a slow month for sales (because so many distributors and retailers stock up before December), which gave the Random Fun Generator Kickstarter campaign a chance to have a significant impact on our sales data for the month . . . read article

January 30, 2021:
I got my first COVID-19 jab Tuesday night. The injection itself was painless . . . read article

January 31, 2021:
I mentioned the synthwave band Zombie Hyperdrive back in September (posted here), but now it is time to share a snapshot of one of their albums released recently on vinyl. Both the Hyperion and Imperium albums are fabulous works of art that belong in your rotation if you're a fan of synthwave instrumentals . . . read article

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