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January 20, 2009: Off To Chattacon

SJ's off to Chattacon this week, to show off new releases, playtest some designs, and generally wave the company flag. He'll also be speaking at a couple of panels, including one with David Weber, on the topic of tanks.

That's right, the author of Bolo! and the designer of Ogre in one room, talking about giant armored war machines. Does it get any better?

On the dice rolling hand, Chattacon will host the world premier release of Munchkin Quest 2 -- Looking for Trouble, the first expansion for Munchkin Quest. This set expands the number of players to six, and adds new rooms, new monsters, and new treasures. Prepare for 50% more munchkinly tile-laying.

Once you've experienced the new Munchkin Quest, and gotten in on the Top Secret Munchkin Expansion playtest (shh!), track down the prototype of Revolution! we sent with SJ. It's a new type of game for us -- bidding for area control -- and it's fun, competitive, and you can squeeze a game into less than an hour, even when learning the game. You'll be hearing quite a bit about this one in the upcoming months.

-- Paul Chapman

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