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January 22, 2021: Pyramid Volume 3 Bundle On Warehouse 23, GURPS Pyramid Scheme Kickstarter Ends On Tuesday


For those of you who are looking to scoop up 122 issues of Pyramid Volume 3 in PDF all at once, we present this bundle at Warehouse 23. Over 500 articles, each one ready to expand your GURPS campaign in new ways. The bundle is available right now . . . or, you may wish to include it as one of your add-on items in the GURPS Pyramid Scheme campaign that is running on Kickstarter right now!

What is the GURPS Pyramid Scheme? This crowdfunding project is set to bring three new issues of Pyramid to your library, each one of which adds even more GURPS content that you can use as written -- or twist and adapt to suit the needs of your GURPS campaign. The project closes on Tuesday, though, so act fast if you don't want to miss any of the deals being offered on the Kickstarter page.

Join the GURPS Pyramid Scheme today!

-- Phil Reed


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