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January 26, 2009: Pyramid: Post-Apocalypse Style

The latest e23 upload is a new issue of Pyramid, this month titled Venturing Into the Badlands: Post-Apocalypse. The theme is pretty self-evident, but the articles present 44 pages of fresh thoughts for both gamemasters and players.

  • "Deathball" by Peter Dell'Orto (GURPS Martial Arts) and Sean Punch (GURPS Action) gives your competitive mutants something to do, when they're not struggling for survival.
  • "Survivor's Moon" by Paul Drye (coauthor of GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars) details an Infinite Worlds timeline where (when? English grammar isn't set up for multiple timelines) a lunar base watches nuclear winter set in.
  • "Zippemart" by Matt Riggsby (author of GURPS Locations: The Tower of Octavius) describes a convenience store that survived the fall. No doubt the plastic wrapped cakes are still fresh. Er, fresh-ish.
  • "Does My Nuclear Arsenal Have an Expiration Date?" and "Are Humans a Renewable Resource?" are two installments of the Omniscient Eye, where real-world questions of interest to gamers are answered by experts! Find out if that missile silo is a gold mine, a trump card, or just hazardous materials? Calculate how long humanity would take to pull itself back from the brink, if it can.
  • "The Day the World Broke" is a post-collapse setting chock full of aliens, zombies, mutants, and tons of other things to go bump in the night . . . and to unload an assault rifle into.

All this, and regular features like Random Thought Table, Recommended Reading, Murphy's Rules, and more, for just $7.95.

-- Paul Chapman

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