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January 28, 2021: Reprints For May

May you have some reprints in May? May-be. Actually, definitely! We've got a reprint of one of the most popular Munchkin expansions ever, as well as a guide to get you started with GURPS.


Munchkin Kittens

The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats.
Which clearly explains what happened to them. Cats may be cute, but they've got teeth, claws, and . . . siege weaponry? Munchkin Kittens has 30 new cards that some of you may be allergic to. Don't be fooled . . . they're adorable, but deadly!
This is an expansion for Munchkin. It is not a stand-alone game. This is NOT a collectible or randomized set. Every Munchkin Kittens pack is the same as every other. Now in a cute little tuckbox, too! Meow.



Become a master of GURPS!

How to Be a GURPS GM makes the power of GURPS easier than ever to master. For players, it explains ways to create perfect characters and have fun with combat. For Game Masters, it guides you in running your own campaign, showing you how to prepare the setting, create encounters, and design and run your first adventure. How to Be a GURPS GM is an invaluable aid for getting started with GURPS, bridging the formerly formidable steps between reading the Basic Set and participating in your first game.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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